Uniregistry Launches Domain Tracker to Search Domain Names – Domain Name Wire

The system shows you which of your domains are about to expire and allows you to transfer them to Uniregistry.

A register (the registrar, not the registry) launched a new dashboard called “Domain Tracker”.

This is the first integration between Frank Schilling’s registrar and his domain sales/parking platform DomainNameSales.com.

The dashboard retrieves all the domains you have listed on DomainNameSales.com and displays their nameservers, expiration dates, and registrar.

Uniregistry’s goal is to get you to transfer domain names to the registrar, but the tool should prove useful even for people who choose not to use Uniregistry. This is what the dashboard looks like:

The dashboard shows how many domain names are expiring in the next 30, 60, and 120 days. Most people think about transferring domain names when they expire, and every box on the page has a “transfer now” button.

There is also a legend that shows domain names listed on DomainNameSales.com that are not registered. These are domain names that you listed and then let expire. It’s convenient for Uniregistry to register them for you with just one click, but it would be even more useful if there was a way to quickly remove them from your DNS account.

People who use DNS will probably find this tool useful. I personally manage exhalations through a combination of Watch My Domains Pro and DomainTools Domain Monitor; maybe I’ll add the Uniregistry system as a backup.

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