Rainbow Six Extraction is a hodgepodge of Tom Clancy IPs

Besides being an already odd inclusion of the Tom Clancy brand, Rainbow Six Extraction also borrows elements from Ghost Recon and The Division.

from Ubisoft Rainbow Six Mining is not only a weird addition to the tactical shooter genre, but apparently mimics other Tom Clancy games like The division and Ghost Recognition. Extraction is based on a limited time event in Rainbow Six Siege titled Operation Chimera. Inspired by this event, Extraction used the game mechanics and features of Seat. However, this does not Extraction just a copy-paste of Seat as the game changes features and gameplay mechanics to suit its environment.

As players progress through Rainbow Six Miningborrowed gameplay mechanics and features seemingly go beyond Rainbow Six Siege. From Ghost Recognition for The division, Extraction borrows from other Tom Clancy games in gameplay style and general setting. In addition, some of the mission objectives in Rainbow Six Mining feel closer to RPG shooters in the vein of destiny Where Fallout 76. As a result, the game becomes less of a one-time experience and more of a puzzle of the greatest hits from other Tom Clancy games.


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While Rainbow Six Miningthe foundation comes naturally from Rainbow Six Siege, it apparently mimics other acting styles and narratives. The style of play and the importance of stealth is apparently taken directly from Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpointwhile the setting is eerily similar to The division with the operators of Extraction even sports watches like the agents in this series. The end result is a hodgepodge of different Tom Clancy titles, which means Extraction feels less like a rainbow six game, and more an amalgamation of other Ubisoft projects.

Rainbow Six Extraction borrows from Ghost Recon & The Division

Rainbow Six ripping without sprawl

While it’s an option for players to go hard and mow down all Archaean types in Rainbow Six Mining, stealth and takedowns are the best policy. This emphasis on stealth, above all else, is similar to how Ghost Recognition tackles every combat scenario, as covert tactics are more rewarded. However, although the style of play fits Ghost Recognitionand was more of an option, in Extractionit reduces gameplay to frantic exploration and feels more compelled to reduce the risk of going MIA.

In addition, the forthcoming implementation of The division games is apparently adjacent to the sci-fi setting of rainbow six Extraction. This is in addition to the premise of both games centering on a group of highly trained characters sent to dangerous areas to learn more about a given infection. There has always been a crossover with Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy franchise, but there are many similarities between Extraction and The division specifically. The main difference between the respective premises of the games is that the source of the infection in The division is of human origin, while Extraction‘s is extraterrestrial.

Rainbow Six Mining is apparently an amalgamation of other Tom Clancy games. The game borrows the style of play from Ghost Recognitionthe premise of the viral epidemic of The divisionand, of course, the gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, where Operation Chimera flipped the playstyle of R6 Seat at the time, being more frenetic and more action-oriented, Extraction mirrors Seatmethodical and slow gameplay. While Rainbow Six Mining is different from Seat in many ways it seems to have more in common with other Tom Clancy titles.

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