Rackspace Technology Introduces New Cloud DNS API v2

Rackspace Technology (NASDAQ: RXT), a leader in end-to-end multicloud technology solutions, today announced the release of v2, a new Cloud DNS API that includes several enhancements over the Rackspace Technology Cloud DNS API v1, which remains available to developers. Rackspace Technology hosts website domains for its customers for free.

The Rackspace Technology Cloud DNS v2 API will allow developers to work faster and easier, scale to larger volumes, and detect errors in DNS record creation. Features of the new v2 DNS API include:

  • Greater speed: The v2 API is designed to work in fractions of a second, not minutes, because almost all work is done synchronously and status is reported immediately, unlike endpoints that return a asynchronous task.
  • Increased scalability: A more efficient internal architecture allows users to scale to greater volume and reduce the time between change and release.
  • Better record validation: Many common DNS record creation errors are avoided, making record validation more consistent across all external and internal Rackspace technology APIs.

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Additionally, new features can be deployed faster than ever in v2 because the code is easier to understand.

“With the launch of v2, we’re providing an easy-to-use API that makes this part of the service as easy, frictionless, and high-quality as possible,” said Juan Riojas, CIO of Rackspace Technology. “For this, the advanced version will help our customers manage their DNS in a series of more convenient and manageable processes.”

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