New sub-decree for the use of domain names from Cambodia

The government yesterday issued a new sub-decree signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen, Postmaster General Chea Vandeth and Trade Minister Pan Sorasak on Dec. 31, on the use of national domain names.

According to the sub-decree, the national domain name “.kh” or can be used by any Internet user in the world.

According to article 5 of the sub-decree, the domain name ending with “.kh” or can be used by any individual in the world.

Whereas the domain name ending with “”, can be used by companies and all types of businesses registered with the Ministry of Posts and the domain name ending with “” can be used by a Non-Governmental Organization, an association or a union.

The domain name ending in “” is reserved for public and private educational institutions.

As for the domain name ending in “”, it is reserved for companies providing services relating to the Internet.

The sub-decree specifies that the second degree of domain names reserved for ministries and governmental institutions is that ending with “”. This domain name is free and of unlimited duration.

Article 5 also states that all domain names must be in the Khmer language or a foreign language, but such names must be in letters, numbers, hyphens or a combination thereof.

However, these names must contain a maximum of 63 letters and/or hyphens, and must be identified as the name, operation or department of the persons or companies holding the domain name.

To obtain a domain name, the sub-decree specifies that an application must be made to the Ministry of Posts.

However, the sub-decree gives the ministry the right to reject the application for domain names that already exist, or domain names that are reserved, or that infringe on religious belief, contradict tradition or do not comply with laws.

The domain name is only valid for one year from the date of registration. Accordingly, domain owners are required to renew their domain names annually by paying a fee determined by the ministry.

After 60 days, if a domain name is not renewed by its owner, it will be deleted from the Ministry’s control system. A domain name will also be deleted following the request of the authorities concerned.

According to experts, a domain name is a website address consisting of letters, numbers, hyphens and dots, for example,

Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures determined by the Domain Name System (DNS)

One of the most important functions of a domain name is to be easily recognizable and remembered instead of the numerical address known as an IP address.

Domain names are generally web addresses used to identify websites belonging to individuals, businesses, NGOs, government departments or institutions.

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