NCP’s Nawab Malik and Jitendra Awhad leaked official documents: IPS officer Rashmi Shukla’s lawyer told Bombay HC

The Bombay High Court upheld the plea of ​​senior IPS officer Rashmi Shukla requesting the rescinding of the FIR in a case of illegal wiretapping and alleged leaking of confidential information from police stations in Maharashtra, for instruction Friday.

During Thursday’s hearing, Rashmi Shukla’s attorney Mahesh Jethmalani told the Bombay High Court that the alleged sensitive documents, which she is accused of having disclosed, had in fact been disclosed by the NCP leaders Nawab Malik and Jitendra Awhad at a press conference.

Previously, it was alleged that Maharashtra’s former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis made the alleged documents public at a press conference. It was after its press conference earlier this year that the Maharashtra government launched an investigation to find out how such sensitive documents came to light.

However, Mahesh Jethmalani attempted to give the footage of this press conference to the High Court to show that it was not Devendra Fadnavis who leaked the secret official documents.

During Thursday’s hearing, Jethmalani said: “The only thing that was made public were two side letters. The evidence the report is based on is actually leaked by Awhad and Nawab Malik. They are they. who gave the main evidence to the public domain and not Fadnavis. Their press conference is recorded. Nothing is done against them. This is a totally one-sided, one-sided and one-sided investigation. “

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Devendra Fadnavis had held a press conference earlier this year, in which he highlighted an intelligence report prepared by Rashmi Shukla. He had also criticized the government of Maharashtra on the issue of police transfers.

Following the press conference, the government of Maharashtra filed an FIR in March 2021. The state government noticed that Devendra Fadnavis was making allegations based on a report prepared by Rashmi Shukla for the service of state intelligence.

According to the government of Maharashtra, there were three USB drives with 6.3 GB of crucial documents. One was handed over to Maharashtra’s chief secretary, Sitaram Kunte, and the other to the director general of police. The state is investigating how the third USB drive reached Devendra Fadnavis, whom he spoke about at the press conference.

The Maharashtra government believes the USB drive was handed over to the Union Home Office (MHA) by Devendra Fadnavis. “If the third copy matches, then it will become obvious where the leak is coming from,” the state said.

Meanwhile, Rashmi Shukla feared he would be arrested after an FIR was filed against strangers for leaking official documents. She then lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court, requesting the cancellation of the FIR.

Rashmi Shukla was head of the intelligence department of Maharastra state before resigning, as Mahesh Jethmalani said on September 3, 2020. The lawyer said that when she left the department, she took nothing with her. with her. She has already been interrogated for two days.

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