Mozilla VPN boosted with multi-hop, blocking and custom DNS features


> I don’t know what you smoke, but I need it to have the same pleasure as you on a daily basis.

I can only improve the quality of your posts, so I guess I should give you some of these good things. / s

> You stupidly said you ignore the Techrights site, which sums you up perfectly.

Do you have reading comprehension problems? I was not at all familiar with the Techrights website before. And yes, even if this is unfathomable to you, new information could very well change a previously given recommendation (although, due to a lack of alternatives, in this case it does not). This is called being able to process new information. You should theoretically have this ability too.

> First by stupidly mentioning stupid websites like Techright, Privacy Watchdog, Madainwhatever, Proton destruction sites and the absurd reddit thread (which by the way exposed your lies even though you focused on fake comments selected), then blaming it all on someone else and saying Oh I didn’t know. WTF do you? Anyway, now I know you are a stupid person who doesn’t check out the websites he offers and start stupidly questioning everything, and worse yet admitting it all.

Dude, I can read the Techrights website, and I read it. Surprise Surprise. I was unaware of its EXISTENCE before, how can I read a website that I did not know existed? Care to explain? Are you crazy? I said you trust the wrong people implying that I read the content on the Techrights website which was negative reporting on StartPage.

Plus, just because websites don’t agree with your (stupid) choices doesn’t automatically make them stupid. But they must be downright stupid because you think you made the one and only smart choice, right? Uh, no, you didn’t. I see you describing stupid, backward choices here.

And the rebuttals written by Proton employees on Reddit and GitHub were totally, 100% unconvincing, and did not refute the allegations presented to them. The only way to find them convincing is when you desperately WANT to believe it’s true, because you never make bad choices of course.

> Again write to the data mining company although all your lies have been exposed.

Exhibited by whom? You? Their own employees write unconvincing rebuttals and massively control the damage?

> You haven’t added anything on this topic since I mentioned this GitHub thread in another post which is certainly ironic and expected. Once your lies have been exposed, you just blast from that point on.

Dude, I’m just a human being. Your empty skull would drain ANYBODY’s strength sooner or later. I finally stopped answering because I saw that the “discussion” was getting nowhere, and I will probably do the same here as well eventually. I’ve told you before that I don’t adhere to their damage checkpoints, and apparently most who read them either. And you’ve already forgotten the thing I wrote about me not really having to go the extra mile to “prove” anything to you beyond a doubt. I don’t trust such a service if this high number of questionable business relationships arises AND alternatives exist

> Irony Heart I still use Proton, now I have started using Mullvad with him.

Yes, I believe (no).

> Also, if you need to destroy a service like Proton, you’d better start with credible evidence.

Read the tale above again. I cannot present to you what was purged by them. The amount of shady connections that was shown to me was enough that I never considered them again, any admission to that (which will never come) would be just icing on the cake.

> If you don’t have something believable to say that you haven’t for a long time, then don’t embarrass yourself and especially waste your sleep proving something that you can’t, even after your pathetic attempts. Speech is not the answer. Either post good links that haven’t already been proven wrong, or don’t respond and write another meaningless comment.

Dude, “insignificant” are just your sad attempts to save face from a data mining company because you trusted them (but changed after what I said, how come?). And what I said has not been refuted. You’ve already linked to their damage control, I invite anyone to read this unconvincing shit and form their opinion based on it.

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