Meet the 2 IPS officers who have won international policing awards

Two Indian IPS officers have won the 2021 40 Under 40 Awards from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). They will receive the awards in Dallas, Texas, USA in October.

They were chosen among the top 40 police officers from six countries around the world for “demonstrating leadership, dedication and service to their communities and to the law enforcement profession,” according to the law enforcement website. ‘IACP.

Santosh Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police, Korba, Chhattisgarh is one of the recipients. He was rewarded for his swift action against the Maoists in the state.

An IPS officer in 2011, Singh worked in districts where Maoist activity was widespread. For three and a half years, he was assigned to such areas of Chhattisgarh, according to the IACP.

The IACP adds that it contributed to “neutralising, arresting and obtaining the surrender of hundreds of Maoists”. He has also worked for the betterment of people through community policing programs.

According to the Daily Pioneer, Singh worked in the Naxal-occupied Bastar region adapting community policing. He taught self-defense to over a million children in the Mahasamund district.

It also strengthened the Child-Friendly Policing program. The IACP says “it has significantly reduced crimes against children in the district and changed children’s attitudes towards the police.”

“It’s a great moment not that I was chosen for the IACP-2021 award, but because our good work has been recognized, which will continue to motivate us to serve people in the best way possible. and without prejudice and bias. Policing is all about giving everyone a fearless atmosphere and standing firmly with people in times of crisis,” SP Singh said in a report released. in Economic Times.

He received the Champions of Change award from former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

SP Santosh Kumar Singh. Image: Twitter

It was under his command that Raigarh Police distributed 1.24 million free masks to people in a single day.

“Serving the community, helping and protecting people, doing different things every day and having a job with prestige and pride motivates me,” Singh told IACP.

Police recalled this officer to India

SP Amit Kumar receives IACP 40 under 40 award
SP Amit Kumar. Image: IACP

Meanwhile, SP Amit Kumar, who works in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh, left his cushy job in the United States to serve the country. He’s an IPS officer from the class of 2015.

When posted to Lucknow, he led an investigation that led to the biggest discovery of stolen vehicles. The investigation spotted 112 vehicles, including luxury cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, valued at nearly $15 million, according to the IACP. This is considered one of the greatest operations.

“I feel proud and honored to be able to create social impact with far-reaching consequences,” Kumar told IACP.

As soon as Amit Kumar took office as SP, he launched a special mobile number for citizens to call and report crimes and anti-social activities, where the identity of the person would be kept confidential.

As an Engineer and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, his background has helped UP Police in Cyber ​​Policing. He created the Cyber ​​Crime Division of the UP Police.

He is also said to be a mental health advocate. He has authored research papers on the importance of mental health and fitness, according to the IACP, and launched a special mobile number for people to report crimes.

He also took the initiative to protect women by giving them counseling sessions.

“I started with UP Police’s ongoing ‘Mission Shakti’ program, where we run a series of counseling sessions for girls coming of age to help them avoid falling prey to malicious men. At UP Police we are committed to keeping women safe Chandauli has a history of Naxalism so we engage more with communities for discussions and regularly run skills development programs to ensure young people get jobs and don’t turn to crimes,” SP Kumar told BW Police World.


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‘Chhattisgarh, UP IPS officers shortlisted for IACP Award for Innovative Policing’ Posted on September 06, 2021 Courtesy Economic Times

AICP Amit Kumar

AICP Santosh Kumar Singh

Edited by Divya Sethu, Feature image: Santosh Singh/Facebook

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