Kolkata High Court orders IPS officer Damayanti Sen to oversee investigation into 4 recent rape cases in West Bengal

The Kolkata High Court on Tuesday asked IPS officer Damayanti Sen to oversee the investigation into the rape cases of Deganga, Matia, Ingrejbazar and Banshdroni. , a responsible senior police officer should be appointed to oversee…

The High Court of Calcutta on Tuesday asked IPS officer Damayanti Sen to oversee the investigation into the rape cases of Deganga, Matia, Ingrejbazar and Banshdroni.

A dividing bench comprising Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and Judge Rajarshi Bharadwaj noted that, given the nature of the incidents and the allegations made, a senior police officer should be appointed to oversee the investigation.

The Court’s remarks are believed to have been made following an investigation into the Park Street rape case a decade ago.

“.. in view of the elements brought to our attention, we order that the investigation into the incidents at Nehalpur village, Nandipara, the Dol Purnima incident mentioned above, as well as the rape incident at English Bazar , be conducted under the supervision of Smt. Damayanti Sen, IPS currently working as the Special Police Commissioner of Kolkata Police If Smt. thing to this court at the next court date”ordered the court.

IPS officer Damayanti Sen, now Special Commissioner of Kolkata Police, was the head of Kolkata Police Intelligence during the Park Street gang rape case that took place ten years ago year. She was the incident investigator.

At the last hearing date, the Court had authorized the applicants to propose the name of a senior police officer under whose supervision the investigation could be carried out.

On Tuesday, an additional affidavit was filed by the petitioners suggesting the name of IPS officer Damayanti Sen to oversee the investigation. It was argued that given his past performance and independent way of working in previous investigations, they have full confidence that under his supervision a proper investigation will be carried out.

Attorney General SN Mookherjee has also been ordered to file a report in affidavit regarding the status of the investigation into all of the above incidents at the next court date which is scheduled to take place on April 20.

During the proceedings, the Advocate General had informed that with regard to the rape of a minor girl in Matia, in the North Basirhat 24-Parganas, the statement of the victim under Article 164 CrPC will be recorded today. He also underlined the opinion of the medical specialist to the effect that the victim is oriented in time, place and person and is able to make the statement.

Regarding the incident in Nandipara, Kuchenkora region, the Advocate General argued that the culprit was arrested and his confession statement was recorded.

Regarding another incident of rape of a minor girl on the day of Dol Purnima, the Advocate General informed the Court that two people were apprehended, one of whom is a minor and that the victim impact statement under of article 164 CrPC has been recorded. . He also maintained that the medical examination of the victim as well as the accused was carried out and that the protection ordered by the Court was extended.

Case Title: Sumitra Bhattacharyya v. State of West Bengal and other related matters

Case citation: 2022 LiveLaw (Cal.) 115

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