Is the biggest user of new domain names? – Domain name thread


Amazon has registered a bunch of domains under new TLDs and forwards them to the pages of its website.

It’s still unclear what’s strategy is for the many top-level domain names it will soon control. But we might get a clue by looking at its use of top-level domain names from other registries. has been a big buyer of second-level domain names in new TLDs. For example, he retrieved many city names under .delivery.

I also noticed recently that it registered a bunch of generic or descriptive terms under new TLDs last year that were originally registered under Mark Monitor’s DNStinations. Whois records are slowly moving to, revealing more and more domains.

This month alone, I have 38 unbranded domains registered by Amazon in new TLDs that have appeared in my DomainTools alerts. These domains range from to to

My initial assumption was that Amazon would log them to keep them out of the reach of competitors. This may still be the case. It could also be an overly defensive strategy, which is one of my assumptions as to why it attacked top level domains like .spot. It doesn’t have a lot of .spot use, but by owning it it doesn’t have to defensively register hundreds or thousands of domain names under it.

… But maybe not. Here’s what’s interesting about the 38 areas I identified this month: they are all used.

Each of the domain names is transferred to a (primarily) relevant page on the website. links to Amazon’s list of funniest reviews, including the famous banana cutter. sends visitors to its wearable tech page.

(You’ll notice a few “misses” in the list, like moving and to cleaning supplies and outdoor camping, respectively.)

Since won’t be able to get .amazon, would the company ever advertise “Find all your hiking gear at” “.

I’m not sure, but it’s intriguing. Here is a list of the domains and where they send visitors:


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