IPS officers may need to specialize in policing to gain promotion


New Delhi: Indian Police Service (IPS) officers may soon be required to specialize in at least one area of ​​policing such as counterinsurgency, terrorist financing or cybercrime to gain promotion to higher ranks.

According to a proposal prepared by the Ministry of the Interior, each of the IPS agents will have to specialize in different areas of the police such as the fight against terrorism, the financing of terrorism, economic crimes or cyber crimes before being promoted to higher ranks.

“According to the proposal, IPS agents will have to specialize in a particular field and follow mandatory training before being promoted to the ranks of Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Inspector General (IG) or Director General additional (ADG) “, he added. a ministry official said.

Subjects in the area or area of ​​specialization will be listed in the performance appraisal report, the manager said.

Some of the topics in which IPS officers may specialize include anti-corruption and vigilance, police research and development, criminal investigations (CBI, CID), intelligence, cybercrime, law enforcement counterinsurgency and the fight against terrorism.

Before being promoted to DIG, an officer will need to undergo training in at least one of the areas.

Likewise for promotion to the IG and ADG grades, compulsory training must be completed in two or three subjects.

The Hyderabad National Police Academy and other similar institutes will be invited to prepare training modules.

The plan was discussed last November at an annual conference of the country’s top police officers in Hyderabad attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Rajnath Singh.

The proposal was prepared as a follow-up to the discussion that took place at this meeting.

Future assignments of senior police officers could be decided based on specialization, the official said.

An IPS agent follows at least three mid-term training programs. The first occurs after seven to nine years of employment, the next after another seven years and the last after at least 24 years of service. These courses are compulsory and linked to promotions and increases.


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