How to change DNS settings on your PS5

Using the wrong DNS can prevent you from enjoying your games. Follow these steps to change your PS5 DNS.

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If your internet connection and PSN network are working fine and you cannot access some PSN features, you can try using a different DNS. Read on to learn how to manually set DNS addresses for your PS5.

What is DNS?

Internet hardware

Essentially, a domain name system or DNS is a system that translates domain names into readable IP addresses. This way, when you enter a domain name, DNS connects you to the correct server.

After the rapid growth of the Internet in the 1980s, domain names were created to make browsing the Internet easier. However, all computers on the Internet still communicate through IP addresses (like

When you enter a domain name like into your browser’s address bar, the DNS server translates it for the computer running the website so that it understands the request. Thanks to this, you can surf the web without ever thinking about the IP address behind a website.

Your Internet service provider, or ISP, also provides you with automatic DNS servers when you are connected to the Internet. This saves you the trouble of having to find a DNS server and configure it manually, but sometimes the automatic DNS servers provided by the ISP are not good enough.

If you are still curious about what DNS is and why it is important, you can read our in-depth article on DNS Servers and Their Importance.

Why change the DNS settings of your PS5?

Automatic DNS servers can be troublesome if the online services you are trying to access are not compatible with the DNS server your ISP assigned to you. This issue can also occur with PlayStation Network and some features such as PSN voice chat or the PS Store may become inaccessible to you. Incompatible DNS can also cause high ping in online games.

Fortunately, you can manually change your PS5’s DNS settings and get the services you want. If the connection problems you are having are DNS related, manually configuring DNS servers may resolve them permanently.

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How to change DNS settings on your PS5

  1. Go to Settings page.

  2. On the Settings page, navigate to Network.

    PS5 settings page

  3. Once on the Network page, in the left bar, select Settings.

  4. Go right then select Configure the Internet connection. This will bring up a list of networks.

  5. Navigate to the network you are using, and then select it.

  6. From the menu, select Advanced settings. This will display the advanced settings for that network.

    Advanced network settings on PS5.

  7. To select DNS settings and set it to Manual. This is set to Automatic, by default. Once you have enabled the manual DNS settings, two new fields will appear, labeled Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. In this case, we will enter the DNS addresses of Google.

  8. To select Primary DNS and enter

  9. To select Secondary DNS and enter

  10. To select Okay on the right.

    Custom DNS settings in PS5.

  11. Wait for your PS5 to perform a network test.

  12. Take advantage of the new DNS!

Public DNS servers for games

If you don’t know any DNS address to set for your PS5, you can use free public DNS servers. You can see a table containing some of the most popular public DNS servers below:

Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Quad9 149,112,112,112

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Customize your PlayStation DNS

While automatic DNS servers are usually a blessing, in some cases they can also be a curse. If your PS5 judges automatic DNS to be the last and not the first, now you know how to set manual DNS to overcome connectivity issues. If your connectivity issues are deeper than DNS settings and your PS5 WiFi is working, then it’s a good idea to fix it.

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