DNS Abuse Institute Launches Centralized DNS Abuse Reporting Service – Domain Name Wire

NetBeacon promises to make abuse reporting easier for both parties.

DNS Abuse Institute threw NetBeaconwhich he calls the first-ever centralized DNS abuse reporting service.

NetBeacon promises to make it easier for domain registrars and registries to receive and process abuse complaints. It provides these entities with a centralized submission point that improves complaints. It converts complaints into an industry standard format called XARF, and additional data from abuse databases is added to reports.

Internet users can submit malware, botnets, phishing, and spam complaints in three ways: 1) through the NetBeacon.org website, 2) through embedded forms on participating registrars’ websites, and 3) through a APIs.

It looks like NetBeacon will be more useful if the majority of domain registrars join. And there could be a great benefit for registrars to participate; I could see an advantage for registrars to channel complaints through a centralized system.

Abuse submissions are not anonymous. Users must create a NetBeacon account or use single sign-on. This could reduce the number of abusive abuse complaints, in which bad actors flood registrars with bad reports to keep their compliance departments bogged down. (For more on this type of activity, listen to the DNW #361 podcast with Namecheap’s Hillan Klein.)

NetBeacon is free for registrants and registrars/registries. CleanDNS donated his system development.

I’m getting a demo of the system shortly and I’ll tell you more about it. I would also like to hear from registrars and registries with their opinions on NetBeacon.

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