Delhi CM Disrespect Police Force: Retired IPS Officers

At least 30 retired policemen have written to President Draupadi Murmu highlighting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s behavior towards the Gujarat policeman as he drove to the residence in an auto-rickshaw.

Last week, the Delhi CM went to meet an auto-rickshaw driver and his family. He was arrested by the police officers who offered him the security that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) itself had requested for the Delhi CM during its visit to Gujarat.

Kejriwal had a verbal argument with the officer and a video of their argument was released by the party on social media.

The letter bore the names of former DGP of J&K SP Vaid and former DGP of Maharashtra Praveen Dixit as coordinators.

“…Ahead of the upcoming elections in the state of Gujarat, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently visited Ahmedabad to campaign for the political party he represents,” the statement said. letter.

“Under ordinary circumstances, the Chief Minister’s visit would have been a routine and straightforward event. However, the incidents that unfolded following Kejriwal’s recent visit to the city of Ahmedabad have raised disturbing concerns,” it read.

He said that while taking part in campaign activities in Gujarat, Kejriwal sought to use public transport to get to the home of a rickshaw driver. The police officers who are vested with the duty to safeguard the safety of the chief minister have acceded to this request.

In order to ensure that the required level of security was maintained and to prevent any unfortunate lapses in the Chief Minister’s security, the relevant police officer said he would accompany the Chief Minister to the scene. However, in response to the officer’s cautious suggestion, Kejriwal made some unpleasant and inconsiderate remarks. The curt remarks deeply hurt the police force, he said.

Considering that Kejriwal is the chief minister of the Indian capital, the police have a duty to ensure his safety. It was disheartening that, to score a political brownie point, Kejriwal conducted himself in a manner that utterly belittled the police officers for diligently obeying their duties. The letter stated that by declaring Gujarat police officials a black mark on state-provided security, Kejriwal was seeking public validation and praise, albeit at the expense of the police force.

The letter also said, “Unfortunately, Kejriwal has also orchestrated such events in the past. In 2017, in the run up to elections in Punjab state, Kejriwal raised a similar grievance with the Punjab police, even calling for a full security withdrawal. In response, the Additional Director General of Punjab Police (ADGP) issued a strong letter stating that the police were obligated to provide security for the Chief Minister. It should be noted that shortly after the end of the campaign, Kejriwal, in a completely contradictory position, is quick to cite “the perception of the threat and to allege that the police forces of the country do not offer him a sufficient protection”.

We declare that through his nasty words and actions, Kejriwal intended to present himself as a political martyr, however, in doing so, he has unfairly created a police spectacle not only in Gujarat state but also in all the countries.

We therefore humbly ask you to step in as Head of State and advise Kejriwal against such headstrong and crass behavior which is aimed at undermining the police force of our country, he added.

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