CENTR publishes a comment on the European Commission’s study on DNS abuse

CENTR, which represents Europe’s national registries of top-level domain names (ccTLDs) such as .si or .eu, has published its comments on the European Commission’s study into DNS abuse, exposing some of the ” misleading analyzes and unfortunate conclusions of the study”. ”

Despite its good intentions, CENTR says the final study and accompanying documents contain several inconsistencies, and many of its recommendations are not based on clear evidence or verifiable research. The CENTR added: “Despite the conclusion that European ccTLDs are ‘by far the least abused,’ the study applies a unique approach to its recommendations for DNS service providers, domain name registries and registrars. registration, largely ignoring existing best practices within European ccTLDs.

CENTR objects to the study’s broad definition of DNS abuse, saying it fails to take into account the role of different service providers and other categories of stakeholders who are part of the system. Internet ecosystem, when considering abuse mitigation measures. “As a result, the study offers a biased view of the DNS abuse problem and how to address it.”

A summary of CENTR’s main points and the full commentary can be downloaded here.

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