Bihar IPS officer: Need a ministry for arrears among upper castes


A senior IPS official serving in Bihar has called for the formation of an exclusive ministry for the welfare of “socio-economically backward” among the upper castes.

Aravind Pandey, director general and commissioner for civil defense, added that by granting a reserve – a 10 percent quota of SAP – to people in unreserved categories, the central government also endorsed the need to support the poor among the upper castes.

The statement by the senior IPS officer came a day after the JD (U) set up an upper caste cell – the first party in Bihar to do so. The ruling party made Nitish Kumar Tantan, a leader of the upper Bhumihar caste, the first president of the cell.

Pandey, a 1988 IPS officer, who made his views public on Monday with a social media post, said: “I just shared what I was discussing with a former Bihar EBC commissioner. I agree with his opinion that just as there has been a Ministry of Minority Development, Ministry of Scheduled Caste Development, OBC and EBC Development Ministries, it is necessary to set up Swarn Vikas Mantralaya for the benefit of those among the upper caste groups whose socioeconomic condition is not good. “

When asked if he was making such a request from state or central governments as a serving IPS officer, Pandey said, “I am not making any requests to any post. . I shared what is already discussed in the public domain… ”

Former Bihar EBC commissioner Pramod Chandravanshi said: “The IPS agent referred to me in his social media post. I deduced from my field experience that the poor among the upper castes need to benefit from government programs like others. If the JD (U) has now set up a higher caste cell, it is because of the constant pressure from all of us.


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