2002 IPS officer Gajbhiye gets double promotion after 14 years of legal battle

Locked in a legal battle lasting nearly a decade and a half, 2002 IPS officer Satish Kumar Gajbhiye, who currently serves as Director of the Institute of Traffic Training in the rank of Superintendent of the police, received a double promotion by the state government.

From the current post of Superintendent of Police, Gajbhiye was promoted to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) effective February 23, 2016, and to the rank of IG with retroactive effect effective January 1, 2020 after the corruption charges against him could not be legally substantiated.

The Orissa High Court had earlier ordered the government to deal with all promotions and benefits retrospectively and drop disciplinary proceedings against the officer.

With the reprieve from the HC, Gajbhiye was promoted to the rank of Inspector General. His avenues of promotion were blocked due to the initiation of disciplinary proceedings by the Home Office.

“A proceeding which is not lawfully commenced without accepted principles of natural justice cannot be a fair proceeding and is void. This written motion is authorized accordingly. Accordingly, the opposing parties are required to confer retrospectively all promotions and all consequent benefits to the petitioner vis-à-vis his batch mates,” the HC had previously ordered acting on Gajbhiye’s petition.

Disciplinary proceedings had been initiated against Gajbhiye in 2008 when he served as SP of Malkangiri district. He had been accused of abusing grants for the arrest and surrender of left-wing extremists.

The IPS agent had gone to the Central Administrative Court (CAT) stating that an injustice had been done to him. However, the CAT refused to intervene in the case. Later, the officer had requested the intervention of the High Court of Orissa to obtain the cancellation of the disciplinary proceedings and the possibilities of promotion against him.

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