Union loan becomes Good Finance


From 19 April, Union Loan changes its name and becomes Good Finance! A new page of our history begins and we want to share it with you! So thank you for your support! Whether you are a customer or not yet, your presence on this page shows your curiosity and your courage: you are and will remain the pioneers of the model we are building.

Why this change?


Union loan begins its epic in Europe: after France, we launched our activity in Italy in March, and we hope to launch Spain at the end of 2016.

Union loan was untranslatable, as much in the language of Cervantes as in that of Umberto Eco. And we wanted a unique name in these three countries. We needed a new name. We chose to become Good Finance.

Why this name?


Credit does not need an explanation: it’s our activity!

Younited understands two essential words for us. First YOU, which means you. Because you are at the center of our project, and it is still you who push us to innovate always to serve you, we wanted our new name to speak about you.

And then UNITED, as united. Because together we managed to build an alternative model to the banks. Because it is indeed a community: you, investors and borrowers, make the same choice, that of the real economy. And finally, because the term “union” present in our old name finds continuity in the new …

New name … but same values!


More and more people are trusting us because they find themselves in the (simpler!) Model that we propose. The shrub that we were four years ago – Ready Union began with seven employees – becomes a solid oak – Good Finance now has more than 100. However, our DNA remains the same: best meet your needs. needs and your desires. Our expansion is made possible thanks to the values ​​we defend and in which everyone can find themselves: speed, transparency, availability.

It is a beautiful destiny that we draw together. The French outsider we were is taking off and becoming a model that exports to other European countries.

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