P2P Loans: Get your credit without banks

Do you have a good idea but don’t have the money to carry it out? You don’t like bank credits? Do you have an excellent credit history but interest is very high?

P2P loans may be an option for you


Many times people need money for a project, a business, an emergency, a study or anything else and, we end up going to a bank or financial institution because we know that it is the best way to obtain it. However, sometimes bank costs and bureaucracies end up not favoring us or simply, we do not have the possibility of accessing a bank loan; For these cases, there is a financial alternative, P2P (peer to peer) loans or loans from person to person via online.

What are p2p loans?

What are p2p loans?

Love Lender is a platform that allows the connection between people who need the money and those who can contribute it through the web; thus creating a new form of the financial community in which Love Lender charges a small commission to subsequently extend the benefits of the credits.

In this way, and following the successful online financing models in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and England; Love Lender seeks to facilitate and make credit processes more efficient by removing intermediaries and reducing high costs. In addition to giving you the opportunity to choose as a credit applicant, the conditions under which you pay the money and the ways to pay it.

Does it sound too easy?


Well, in Love Lender it is, you just have to let yourself be surprised with the interest rates we can offer you, obtaining the credit of people who like you seek to meet their goals. All without guarantees or guarantees, with the best interest rates, ranging from 8.9% to 28.9% so that you end up paying much less than elsewhere.

So, you just have to register with us, request the credit. The money borrowed will be deposited in an account in your name and will be equivalent to the amount requested minus the commissions and the corresponding VAT.

Paying your credit is even easier: you will only have to direct your payment to your bank account and without any additional cost the charges will be automatically made.

How can I get the credit?

  1. Enter Love Lender from any computer.
  2. Go to the section: I need credit and Register.
  3. Choose a name and password.
  4. Complete your user profile.
  5. Confirm your information and fill out your credit application.
  6. Accept the credit agreements and the agreement to direct payments.
  7. Participate in the funding of your credit by solving the doubts of the lenders.
  8. Once your credit is funded, receive your loan in your bank account and make your payments from the following month.

With Love Lender you will live the experience of the best P2P loans: Without intermediaries and with low interest. Offering you the best online service and helping other people achieve their goals by paying less interest.

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