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From 19 April, Union Loan changes its name and becomes Good Finance! A new page of our history begins and we want to share it with you! So thank you for your support! Whether you are a customer or not yet, your presence on this page shows your curiosity and your courage: you are and will remain the pioneers of the model we are building.

Why this change?


Union loan begins its epic in Europe: after France, we launched our activity in Italy in March, and we hope to launch Spain at the end of 2016.

Union loan was untranslatable, as much in the language of Cervantes as in that of Umberto Eco. And we wanted a unique name in these three countries. We needed a new name. We chose to become Good Finance.

Why this name?


Credit does not need an explanation: it’s our activity!

Younited understands two essential words for us. First YOU, which means you. Because you are at the center of our project, and it is still you who push us to innovate always to serve you, we wanted our new name to speak about you.

And then UNITED, as united. Because together we managed to build an alternative model to the banks. Because it is indeed a community: you, investors and borrowers, make the same choice, that of the real economy. And finally, because the term “union” present in our old name finds continuity in the new …

New name … but same values!


More and more people are trusting us because they find themselves in the (simpler!) Model that we propose. The shrub that we were four years ago – Ready Union began with seven employees – becomes a solid oak – Good Finance now has more than 100. However, our DNA remains the same: best meet your needs. needs and your desires. Our expansion is made possible thanks to the values ​​we defend and in which everyone can find themselves: speed, transparency, availability.

It is a beautiful destiny that we draw together. The French outsider we were is taking off and becoming a model that exports to other European countries.

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Are 40,000 quick loan requirements a lot? Fri, 11 Oct 2019 15:19:21 +0000

The debts that Good Finance tries to recover due to unpaid quick loans from the 6 fast-loan companies SVD examined constitute 1.28% of the total debt of Good Finance. SVD writes that the total debt for fast loans is USD 92.4 million, but also that the total debt of the bailiff is USD 72 billion, and 92.4 million of USD 72 billion is 1.28%.

How bad is it – really?


Furthermore, SVD writes that the 6 loan companies have submitted 40,000 cases to Good Finance since 2015 and that may sound like a lot, but it is not the same as 40,000 people. For example, Good Finance had over a million cases due to TV license fees and congestion taxes in 2014, but the number of people who had debts there was less than half a million. Well, these 40,000 fast-blue cases thus corresponded to just 4% of the total people owed to the state in 2014. Furthermore, we can add that the fast-blue cases were 57,000 in 2014, thus almost only one-eighth of the state requirements that were due to unpaid TV license fees and congestion charges.

So if this is something that the SVD and other newspapers should look at a little more, it is the state’s absurd penalties and its intense will to quickly submit its claims to the Crown Magistrate. The problems due to fast loans are nothing in comparison. Nor in comparison with unpaid mobile phone bills, we assume. We have not found any recent statistics on this, but in 2013 some 375,000 cases ended due to unpaid cell phone bills from the bailiff. In the same year, USD 49,000 ended up in blue-collar matters with the bailiff.

Of course, it is not good that tens of thousands of quick blue cases end up with the bailiff, we should not detract from that. 40,000 cases are not good at all, but you still have to put this in relation to other debts to see how big (or small) this problem really is. And no matter how you turn and rotate it, sms loans are just a small problem compared to much else.

SKEF register in progress?


However, we think it is good for SKEF to consider creating a common register where their member companies can see if applicants have already taken sms loans from one or some of the other member companies, or have made a fresh application there, as SVD writes. At present, it is virtually impossible for them to see if an applicant has made several applications at the same time, even when taking a credit report, so a joint register could clearly reduce debt due to sms loans. Very well thought out there!

The other day, I (myself) checked how my UC looked. As I looked through it, I was almost surprised at how outdated the information that was there was. First, my income for 2016 still had not reached UC yet, even though I declared several months ago. No, there was only my income from 2015. Second, there was no info on what credits I have today, it just says what my credits looked like in May and earlier, and that was over a month and a half ago. Apparently, this is only updated every two months.

This with the backlog of info at UC is really not very good and can clearly help people who should be denied a loan can get a loan anyway and that people who should be able to get a loan will be denied, unless you can pick up a mass income data and other information on their own.

Unfortunately, the Information Center cannot do much about the fact that the income information is currently outdated because it is based on your most recent declaration, but you think that the information about one’s credit should be updated more quickly. On the other hand, almost no fast loan companies use UC’s credit information, so when it comes to fast loans, it is more important that the other credit reporting companies are faster than UC is. And if a common SKEF register becomes a reality, it will surely increase consumer protection further and reduce debt.

Soon UC knows what you earned last month


Soon, the outdated income data will probably become history. At the end of 2016, the Ministry of Finance submitted the bill Individual-level information in the employer declaration, which proposes, among other things, that the employer must report the employer contribution for each employee on a monthly basis instead of showing how much an employee has earned during a full year. If this is done, the income information will thus be updated at UC and other credit reporting companies each month, which will provide a more up-to-date credit report.

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Fast online payday loans -Discover online payday loan lenders Fri, 26 Jul 2019 04:42:48 +0000 Getting an immediate loan quickly and easily is possible thanks to Help loans, a multi-product financial platform that offers you simple, agile solutions at your fingertips. We tell you all about Help and its loans.

Discover online payday loan lenders and get money

Bridge. is a financial platform that offers easy, agile and simple online payday loans direct lender for people seeking financing for their personal projects.

The transparency and tranquility of its customers are the two fundamental points of this financial platform. To do this, they self-manage each client’s requests for Help loans through My Help Account, where you can make inquiries and track the status of your personal loan.

Help loans are requested 100% online. In addition, this platform does not have physical branches, but it has customer service consultants who can answer all questions and queries.

How to apply for Help loans?

As we have already commented during this post, Help is a financial platform that operates with fast online loans, so applying for financing is a simple and agile process. We tell you how to apply for Help loans :

  1. Make an online loan application immediately

  2. Complete a questionnaire with some personal information (name, ID, cell phone, email, bank account number and credit purpose)

  3. Customize your credit by choosing the loan amount, how many installments and in what week of the month, you are going to pay.

  4. I received your loan immediately and finance your personal project

After applying with Help, you will receive an email with all the details of your credit and you will be assigned a user of My Help Account to be able to track the loan status.

Help Loan Conditions:

Help’s immediate loans are fully online credits that you can access quickly, easily and quickly.

The conditions offered by the Help financial platform for its loans are flexible and accessible, for the convenience of its customers.

Help online credit conditions:

$ 5,000 $ 300,000 6 MONTHS 36 MONTHS

Thus, this financial offers the possibility of requesting an amount of up to $ 300,000 and the flexibility to choose how many monthly installments to return and even decide in which week of the month you want to pay.

How do you pay Help loan fees?


When you apply, you will have to enter your CBU, that is, your bank account number. It will be from that same bank account in which the credit installments will be automatically debited in the agreed term.

Whenever you want you can access My Help Account to track the status of the loan.

Since when do you start paying the first installment?

You will begin paying the first installment of your loan with Help from the first to the fifth business day of the month following the granting of the loan. Although if they approve your loan after the 23rd day of the month you would pay the first installment the month after the consecutive one.

We give you two examples so you can understand it:

If your credit is approved on November 15, you will pay the first monthly fee between the 1st and 5th of December.

On the other hand, if the loan is approved on November 25, the first installment you will have to pay will be between January 1 and 5.

What happens if I can’t pay the fee because I don’t have funds in my account?

If you have reached the agreed deadline for payment of the fee, you do not have funds in the bank account, you must contact Help through their cell phone or send an email to the address. From the financial platform, they can help you find a payment option that you can meet so as not to fall into debt.

On the other hand, keep in mind that after a few days of the payment term they will try to charge your bank account again and this will generate extra charges and you will also accumulate penalties and worsen your credit history and you can even appear.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain good payment behavior to maintain a positive credit history and have more possibilities of accessing future financing.

Requirements to apply for Help loans:

The requirements to apply for a loan with Help are flexible and accessible to most Argentines:

✔ Be over 18 years old

✔ Be working in a dependency relationship

✔ Have a minimum work period of 4 months

✔ Have a continuity of 12 months between the previous job and the current one

✔ Have a salary account

Advantages of Help and its loans:

✔ You can quickly request an immediate loan

✔ You can make advance payments without penalty

✔ They offer the possibility to choose the installments and the week of the month to make the payment

✔ You can access up to $ 300,000

✔ If you have good credit behavior you can have greater benefits in Help products

As you can see with Help, the loans are flexible, accessible and, above all, fast. You can request the financing you need without leaving home and receive it in the shortest possible time.

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What is a depreciable personal payday loan? Wed, 03 Jul 2019 07:40:13 +0000

Do you have a project and are looking for a solution to finance it? Perhaps you have already heard about the depreciable personal payday loan: here is all you need to know about it.

What is a depreciable personal payday loan?

What is a depreciable personal loan?

A depreciable personal payday loan is a loan relatively close to consumer credit, allowing a borrower to enjoy a sum of money to finance a project. This loan is called “depreciable” in the sense that its repayment occurs in several installments staggered over time. Like any repayable loan, the borrower repays each month a sum composed of a part of the capital and a part of the interest of borrowing, itself calculated according to the capital remaining due.

Specifically, the borrower repays a fixed amount each month, but the proportion of principal and loan interest varies over time. Generally, the first monthly payments are dedicated primarily to the reimbursement of interest, while the trend reverses as we get closer to the latest monthly payments.

What is the difference between a depreciable personal payday loan and a loan in fine?

What is the difference between a depreciable personal loan and a loan in fine?

If the repayable loan is characterized by a combined repayment of the borrowed capital and the interest attached to it, certain credits offer a different operation by which the borrower will initially repay the interest (and the insurance costs) before to repay then the capital: it is a credit in fine. The repayment of the capital in the context of the credit in fine is made in one go, at the end of the repayment.

Unlike the repayable personal payday loan, credit in fine is therefore characterized by low monthly payments at first repayments, but it implies to have a large amount of money at the time of repayment of capital.

How to choose between amortizable personal payday loan and loan in fine?

How to choose between amortizable personal loan and loan in fine?

Making the choice between a repayable personal payday loan and a loan in fine really depends on the situation of the borrower. The depreciable personal payday loan is a classic solution for which there is no bad surprise since the terms are clearly established from the beginning. The borrower knows exactly what he is committing himself to and he reimburses monthly payments, the amount of which remains stable from beginning to end.

In the case of a loan in fine, the advantage lies in the fact that the monthly payments are relatively low at the beginning of the repayment period. In addition, heavily taxed households have a tax interest to opt for this solution since they will be able to deduct from their property income the amount of interest repaid each month. This solution is therefore ideally suited for people with high incomes, unlike the depreciable personal payday loan that is better suited to the general public.

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4 surprising things that affect your credit score Fri, 28 Jun 2019 06:37:34 +0000 If you are like many people, you believe that as long as your credit card bill and other recurring debts are paid on time every month, you must have a good credit score. Right?

Unfortunately, earning and maintaining a good credit score is not nearly as easy as you might think. Although topicality and credit use play a major role in determining your score, there are a number of other factors that play a role – and some are not so obvious. View some of the issues below and see if you can improve your score.

Few known factors that influence your credit score

Few known factors that influence your credit score

1. Municipal debts

If you skip your credit card, car loan or mortgage payment, you would expect your creditor to report this to the agencies. But these are not the only accounts that can be reported. Depending on where you live, your city government can inform the credit bureaus about unpaid parking tickets, unpaid city taxes, and even fines for the library. Indeed, these small, seemingly unimportant debts can lower your credit score and prevent loan approvals.

To keep your credit in top condition, you must consider all your debts as a priority. If you do not have enough money to pay a city debt, call your local government to prepare a payment plan.

2. Have no current loans

2. Have no current loans

If you have several credit cards in your name but no loans, your credit may suffer. Credit scoring systems reward consumers who diversify and have different types of accounts in their name. Moreover, revolving debts, including credit cards, are assessed less favorably than loans. For example, a consumer with a few credit cards, a mortgage loan, and a car loan probably has Speedy Loan a higher Credit score than a consumer who has only a few credit cards, despite the fact that the formerly said Speedy Loan has more debts.

This does not mean that you have to apply for a number of loans to improve your score. However, if you are considering buying a new car or taking out a student loan, you can give your credit score a boost as long as you can afford the payments.

3. Pay in cash only

3. Pay in cash only

If you see yourself as a smart consumer, you are probably Speedy Loan proud that you are taking wise financial steps. One of these smart moves can only be to take out a credit card if it is absolutely necessary, as this is an effective way to prevent debts. However, if you think that this move will benefit your credit, you are unfortunately mistaken.

In fact, not using your credit card is the fastest way to reach a credit score level. After six months of inactivity, your credit card company may stop reporting to the credit bureaus, or worse, cancel your account completely. Both promotions can lower your score. To prevent this, you need to dust off your credit cards and make small purchases every few months. You could make a point to pay for gas, groceries or dinner in a restaurant, for example, for a week every other month. Pay the balance in full only when or before you receive the statement.

4. Close accounts

Settling your balance on your credit card is an important milestone. If you close a credit card account as soon as you reach that goal, you may feel liberated. However, breaking the ties with your credit card company has no huge benefits.

If you do not understand how credit scoring works, you can accidentally lower your Credit score. While eliminating debts is smart and can push your score to primary status, closing an account has the opposite effect. In fact, it’s worse than not to use your cards. Canceling or closing accounts can reduce the duration of your credit history, which is important because the length of your credit history accounts for 15% of your credit score. Close your oldest accounts and you will lower your credit history by years.

A safe approach is to pay off balances, but keep accounts open. If you think you have too many accounts and you are adamant about closing a few, start with your newest one. And do not close multiple accounts at the same time. Close one, wait a few months and close another.

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How to Control Credit Card Spending Wed, 29 May 2019 07:07:57 +0000

The credit card statement has arrived and you have already seen that you will not be able to pay the full amount? Or do you realize that you are spending too much on the card and want to reduce expenses?

How to Control Credit Card Spending

How to Control Credit Card Spending

Know that credit card is not a bad guy and that, when well used, it helps in better control of expenses. Courage, discipline and resisting the temptation to buy superfluous aid in the administration of the invoice.

Check out our tips for you to learn how to track your credit card expenses.

Tips for not losing control of the card

Tips for not losing control of the card

  • Avoid making the payment for the minimum amount in the statement of your invoice. The interest on the debtor balance is higher, and if there is no control it can turn into a “snowball”;
  • Reflect on installments. Many people comment on the mistake of making the monthly bills only on the value of the plot. When all the parcels are summed together, on the invoice, many are surprised;
  • Shopping is beautiful, it makes good the soul and self-esteem of many people, but remember that you will have to pay for them;


PLEASE NOTE: our service is free. So, never make deposits / payments to simulate or contract your loan. If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center.


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What are unpaid balances and how do they benefit from paying a loan? Tue, 28 May 2019 06:59:42 +0000

If you are going to ask for a loan, we tell you what the outstanding balances are and how they benefit from paying your credit.

You must know this concept to make better decisions


Let’s start by establishing that when acquiring financing, the institution or company that grants it to us charges a percentage for it, the known interest. With this when paying, you cover the agreed monthly payment to which the interest is added.

We also have to understand that the amount requested is your original debt. When you make your payments, in the established periodicity, that debt is reduced. With one part of the monthly payment, the capital is covered and with another part the interest.

The amount remaining once each payment is discounted is called an unpaid balance. When it is said that in a loan you will pay interest on outstanding balances, it means that the interest you are being charged will be charged on the remainder of your debt, not on the amount originally received.

Why is it important to know what are outstanding balances?

Why is it important to know what are outstanding balances?

Simple, when requesting a loan in which you pay interest on the outstanding balances, you will have the advantage that the more advanced in the timely payment of your credit, the less interest you will pay, this is because every month paid the amount of interest you will pay is recalculated.

When you do not pay your credits on time, you run the risk of not benefiting from being charged interest on unpaid balances, this because delays generate commissions and this causes your credit instead of being reduced, to increase.

In some institutions they allow you to make advance payments without having a penalty, so when you have extra money you can use it well to pay and reduce your balance and therefore also the interest.

When choosing a loan


You can ask your advisor if the payment you make will be on your original debt or on unpaid balances, and from that, you can determine whether or not you should commit to that institution with a personal loan.

If you apply for a loan in Easy Loan you will pay interest on outstanding balances, in addition, the platform has the option to pay the credit in full without any penalty, you just have to notify the platform team in advance.

Here is a table where you can see how interest is reduced with each of the payments you make to your credit, and we also invite you to read the article on how to make a payment simulator in Excel, where it is also possible to observe this factor.


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P2P Loans: Get your credit without banks Mon, 27 May 2019 06:37:34 +0000 Do you have a good idea but don’t have the money to carry it out? You don’t like bank credits? Do you have an excellent credit history but interest is very high?

P2P loans may be an option for you


Many times people need money for a project, a business, an emergency, a study or anything else and, we end up going to a bank or financial institution because we know that it is the best way to obtain it. However, sometimes bank costs and bureaucracies end up not favoring us or simply, we do not have the possibility of accessing a bank loan; For these cases, there is a financial alternative, P2P (peer to peer) loans or loans from person to person via online.

What are p2p loans?

What are p2p loans?

Love Lender is a platform that allows the connection between people who need the money and those who can contribute it through the web; thus creating a new form of the financial community in which Love Lender charges a small commission to subsequently extend the benefits of the credits.

In this way, and following the successful online financing models in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and England; Love Lender seeks to facilitate and make credit processes more efficient by removing intermediaries and reducing high costs. In addition to giving you the opportunity to choose as a credit applicant, the conditions under which you pay the money and the ways to pay it.

Does it sound too easy?


Well, in Love Lender it is, you just have to let yourself be surprised with the interest rates we can offer you, obtaining the credit of people who like you seek to meet their goals. All without guarantees or guarantees, with the best interest rates, ranging from 8.9% to 28.9% so that you end up paying much less than elsewhere.

So, you just have to register with us, request the credit. The money borrowed will be deposited in an account in your name and will be equivalent to the amount requested minus the commissions and the corresponding VAT.

Paying your credit is even easier: you will only have to direct your payment to your bank account and without any additional cost the charges will be automatically made.

How can I get the credit?

  1. Enter Love Lender from any computer.
  2. Go to the section: I need credit and Register.
  3. Choose a name and password.
  4. Complete your user profile.
  5. Confirm your information and fill out your credit application.
  6. Accept the credit agreements and the agreement to direct payments.
  7. Participate in the funding of your credit by solving the doubts of the lenders.
  8. Once your credit is funded, receive your loan in your bank account and make your payments from the following month.

With Love Lender you will live the experience of the best P2P loans: Without intermediaries and with low interest. Offering you the best online service and helping other people achieve their goals by paying less interest.

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