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Getting an immediate loan quickly and easily is possible thanks to Help loans, a multi-product financial platform that offers you simple, agile solutions at your fingertips. We tell you all about Help and its loans.

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Bridge. is a financial platform that offers easy, agile and simple online payday loans direct lender for people seeking financing for their personal projects.

The transparency and tranquility of its customers are the two fundamental points of this financial platform. To do this, they self-manage each client’s requests for Help loans through My Help Account, where you can make inquiries and track the status of your personal loan.

Help loans are requested 100% online. In addition, this platform does not have physical branches, but it has customer service consultants who can answer all questions and queries.

How to apply for Help loans?

As we have already commented during this post, Help is a financial platform that operates with fast online loans, so applying for financing is a simple and agile process. We tell you how to apply for Help loans :

  1. Make an online loan application immediately

  2. Complete a questionnaire with some personal information (name, ID, cell phone, email, bank account number and credit purpose)

  3. Customize your credit by choosing the loan amount, how many installments and in what week of the month, you are going to pay.

  4. I received your loan immediately and finance your personal project

After applying with Help, you will receive an email with all the details of your credit and you will be assigned a user of My Help Account to be able to track the loan status.

Help Loan Conditions:

Help’s immediate loans are fully online credits that you can access quickly, easily and quickly.

The conditions offered by the Help financial platform for its loans are flexible and accessible, for the convenience of its customers.

Help online credit conditions:

$ 5,000 $ 300,000 6 MONTHS 36 MONTHS

Thus, this financial offers the possibility of requesting an amount of up to $ 300,000 and the flexibility to choose how many monthly installments to return and even decide in which week of the month you want to pay.

How do you pay Help loan fees?


When you apply, you will have to enter your CBU, that is, your bank account number. It will be from that same bank account in which the credit installments will be automatically debited in the agreed term.

Whenever you want you can access My Help Account to track the status of the loan.

Since when do you start paying the first installment?

You will begin paying the first installment of your loan with Help from the first to the fifth business day of the month following the granting of the loan. Although if they approve your loan after the 23rd day of the month you would pay the first installment the month after the consecutive one.

We give you two examples so you can understand it:

If your credit is approved on November 15, you will pay the first monthly fee between the 1st and 5th of December.

On the other hand, if the loan is approved on November 25, the first installment you will have to pay will be between January 1 and 5.

What happens if I can’t pay the fee because I don’t have funds in my account?

If you have reached the agreed deadline for payment of the fee, you do not have funds in the bank account, you must contact Help through their cell phone or send an email to the address. From the financial platform, they can help you find a payment option that you can meet so as not to fall into debt.

On the other hand, keep in mind that after a few days of the payment term they will try to charge your bank account again and this will generate extra charges and you will also accumulate penalties and worsen your credit history and you can even appear.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain good payment behavior to maintain a positive credit history and have more possibilities of accessing future financing.

Requirements to apply for Help loans:

The requirements to apply for a loan with Help are flexible and accessible to most Argentines:

✔ Be over 18 years old

✔ Be working in a dependency relationship

✔ Have a minimum work period of 4 months

✔ Have a continuity of 12 months between the previous job and the current one

✔ Have a salary account

Advantages of Help and its loans:

✔ You can quickly request an immediate loan

✔ You can make advance payments without penalty

✔ They offer the possibility to choose the installments and the week of the month to make the payment

✔ You can access up to $ 300,000

✔ If you have good credit behavior you can have greater benefits in Help products

As you can see with Help, the loans are flexible, accessible and, above all, fast. You can request the financing you need without leaving home and receive it in the shortest possible time.

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